This fucking ‘love & romance’ things really fucked up my mind.

I thought I was ready to love. But it was hurts. Really hurts.

Then I thought I can ‘love’ without expectations, without really think about it. ‘I can do it casually’, I thought.

But I was wrong again: nothing is casual about love.

Then I thought maybe it’s just love, no romance. Yes that such things might exist,

but my heart is too small for that kind of sacred love,

even it’s too small for romantic love.

Still, it’s all nothing casual. It is really serious.

Love is a fucking serious things.

And now I’m confused.

I think I’m not ready yet.

And if I forced myself to do it, or if I try to do it “casually”,

I know I will hurt myself more in the end.

Hormon Otak, Personality, Meaning of Life, Depresi

Mau nyoba ngumpulin beberapa hal tentang hubungan hormon otak, personality, dan hubungannya sama depresi.
Kemudian nyoba sedikit ke cara kita melihat ‘makna’ (meaning) serta beberapa opini.

Jadi dari hormon di otak (biologis), ke personality (psikologis), kemudian ke meaning (filsafat) dan mungkin bisa ngasih kesimpulan.

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